TV Review: American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Crea. Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk

      Jumping into a new season of American Horror Story can be tricky. A whole new set of characters, setting, story, and direction need to be mapped out in a couple short episodes since the story isn’t going to last long. Finding the perfect balance of set-up and driving through the plot is hard. Asylum did it perfectly, while Coven got too overblown and quickly fizzled out. Freak Show offers the potential for more promise than its immediate predecessor by setting itself up in the past, a tool that Asylum utilized so well. Jumping in with reticence, it was time to delve into this latest season.

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Music Review: Everything Will Be Alright in the End


Everything Will Be Alright in the End (2014)

Art. Weezer

    It’s been a long time since Weezer was really on the scene. It’s only been four years since the release of Hurley, but in the music industry that can be an eternity. With a string of hits, the band saw a sudden decline with the last two albums and they didn’t release much for a long time. People didn’t care anymore about them anymore. There was a period where they seemed washed up. Then, Rivers Cuomo and company went back into the studio and started working on their next record, and to make sure that no one else would balk at them, they brought on producer Ric Ocasek, who produced two of their biggest successes.

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TV Review: The Good Wife

The Good Wife Season 6

Crea. Robert & Michelle King

   When The Good Wife premiered 6 years ago, it came on precipice of a new era in television. The reign of cable was just starting up with shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad gaining all the glory. Yet, The Good Wife managed to stay afloat on CBS as one of the most lauded dramas on television. However, in the later seasons, there was a bit of a dip until the last season where everything suddenly came to a head. With the series in its back half of its run, one wonders if it can keep up its momentum.

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TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2

Crea. Dan Goor & Michael Schur

  Last year, Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered under the radar of Fox’s hits like New Girl and The Mindy Project. Then, mid-way through its freshman season, it became a massive hit, winning two Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series. Rather than let success get to its head, the show continued to be a strong ensemble comedy and finished its season strong. Fresh off a break, the show returns to Fox.

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TV Review: Selfie

Selfie Season One

Crea. Emily Kapnek

   Modernizing classics is tricky business. There are so many elements that can only translate to the time in which the piece was written, while others can transcend time and can be interpreted in many ways. Emily Kapnek decided to take a turn at modernizing George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (later popularized by My Fair Lady) into a sitcom about social media and connection today. Though reticent, the casting of two talented leads, it was worth giving a look.

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Gone Girl

Gone Girl (2014)

Dir. David Fincher

    When Gone Girl hit the stands a few years ago, it quickly became one of the hottest books of the year. Readers were drawn into the twisted world Gillian Flynn had created. The film rights were snagged quickly and once David Fincher was announced to direct it, it seemed like all the stars were aligning. Gone Girl became one of the most anticipated films of the year and now it’s finally been released.

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TV Review: The League

The League Season 6

Crea. Jeff & Jackie Schaffer

   The League is one of those comedies that has flown under the radar for the last six seasons. From the beginning, the show has been a consistently funny chronicling the antics of a fantasy football league. However, in the last season, that consistency was beginning to show its cracks.  There were some great highlights among them, but the show is beginning to wane down. Now the sixth season has premiered and the Schaffer duo is at it again to see if they can spice some things up.

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Tusk (2014)

Dir. Kevin Smith

    The career of Kevin Smith has taken a quite interesting turn in the last couple of years. From making comedies like Zak & Miri Make A Porno, to podcasts, and then the horror film Red State, the beloved director has had an eclectic and busy schedule. During one fateful podcast, Kevin Smith and his friend/producer Scott Mosier started pitching a zany movie idea that suddenly turned into a full-fledged feature. That experiment, Tusk, is now out for all to see in select theaters near you.

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TV Review: Outlander

Outlander Season One

Crea. Ronald D. Moore

Over twenty years ago, Diana Gabaladon introduced the reading world to Claire Randall, the protagonist of her sweeping series Outlander. Since then, Randall and her adventures have enthralled readers around the world. That’s when former Battlestar Galatica showrunner Ronald D. Moore rose to bring the series to television. One of the summer’s most anticipated shows, Outlander finally made its premiere earlier this month.

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The Rover

The Rover (2014)

Dir. David Michod

  When Animal Kingdom came out in 2010, the world was suddenly introduced to David Michod. With the gritty, pulse pounding chronicle of an Australian crime family, the Australian director hit the scene and many wondered what he was going to do next. Photos started spreading of Guy Pierce and Rob Pattinson in a Mad Max-esque world and anticipation began to grow. Now the film is streaming digitally everywhere and it’s time to take a look.

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